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Crackibg Tortrial For Bignners
1.Disassemble files – translate the program to it’s assembly origin, or machine code.

The file types which can be disassambled in Win32 Disassembler:

exe, 386, com, cpl, drv, dll, fon, mpd, ocx, vbx, vbx and sys.

2.Load the program proccess and trace the program. 3.Browse the disassembled file and go to any code location that you want. 4. Find text. 5.Execute, insert or remove jumps and calls.

6.Import and export functions.

7.Show a HEX display of a code area.

8.Show the list of the STRINGS, DIALOGS and REFERENCES.

9.Save the Disassembly source in text format.


Well, u can get it in almost any cracking site, but I’ll give you some URLs:

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